• unnamedOver 60, I’ve been traveling all my life! Sometimes with my¬†family and often, alone. I love the discovering and the adventure though I am always prepared and thinking and planning for contingencies.

For over 30 years I have been in the Real Estate business; involved in sales, construction, marketing, design and consulting. My passion for design and marketing has been and continues to be a major component of my work and my life. My passion for my work in sales and construction has been a wonderful asset for all phases of my life and career. I am and have always been an adventurer. My first “job” was as a child model and I appeared in Redbook, POST and LIFE magazines. This picture is of me at 5 years old! Adorable, wasn’t I?

As an established professional with a great love of what I do and have done for most of my life, my clients have been the most cherished part of all my years of working and enjoying fully what I do. They have both individually and collectively, taken me along on many adventures. They are always so different while still being very much alike.





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